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Friday, February 18, 2011

Whizzing by

This one came from a friend of ours, cBall. He helps us with a huge chunk of our tech stuff, as well as design, and enjoys riding as much as anyone at the shop.

A couple warm days in February and we’re thinkin’ sweet, spring’s springing and winter’s done. Punxsutawney Phil did call for an early spring. Although anyone who’s lived through a few Chicago winters knows better than to pack away the trainer. But for now we can hope the 20 inches stays away and we can roll into an early season…outside.

It’s pretty cool to see so many people out and about on their bikes. You kind of grin at the other cyclists cruzin’ around…give the “nod” thinking you’re part of some secret society that has it all figured out. It’s the kind of excitement like when you were a kid riding around with a card in your spokes.

So, the other night I was psyched to be out on the streets, I was riding south on Kedzie at a pretty good clip and passed another rider. I looked over as I passed and said: “Hey man, what’s up?” I was fully expecting a similar response, but instead got a strange stink-eye look at the back of my bike. Why the look? And then like music to my ears, my King continued to Whizz.

It was the reassurance of cool that is always welcomed…the hubs, not me. As I continued to whizz down Kedzie, I enjoyed one of my favorite activities of getting lost in the saddle. So during this winter respite we can all think of what the new season will bring. New wheels? New saddle? A 29er? Whatever comes our way, we can all hope winter continues to whizz past.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It shouldn't be much of a surprise to many of you, but we're taking a snow day like just about everyone else.

I'll be in the shop for a few minutes putting finishing touches on bikes for customers, so if you need something call...never know, you might get lucky and catch me!