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Friday, March 30, 2012

IF and Alchemy at NAHBS

The North American Handmade Bike Show is one of my favorite times of year.  I wish I could have gone this year, but instead I spent about 72 hours straight on social media following photos being posted of the show.

Now that it's long-since wrapped up, we have a little info to share.  First off, Independent Fabrication came to the show with a killer new SSR Max (which we have scheduled to arrive on Monday), an outrageous single speed townie, an over-the-top Ti Factory Lightweight CX bike with disc brakes, and a pair of sweet mountain bikes.  More info can be found here.

Alchemy came away with a highly-coveted "Best Carbon Bike" award for their custom Carbon Aero Road frame.  Having had one in the shop in the fall, I can attest to the quality of the frame.  The design is beautiful, the quality is stunning.

*Alchemy photo credit to Cog Blog

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clement X'PLOR USH Overview

It's becoming increasingly clear how much our crew enjoys gravel road racing. Being CX-crazy, it shouldn't be a surprise we like this type of racing, but we needed something to keep us rolling in the spring/summer.

Right out of the box I had to weigh them.  I was nervous they'd weigh a ton, but at 438g I'd say they came out ok.  I weighed two different tires, both were within 5g.

Clement must be seeing a lot of this action, which is prompting a couple of new gravel road-specific tires coming soon, the USH being the model we're reviewing here. The USH is labeled as a 700x35c, and measured in at 34.43mm mounted to some Alpha 340 rims, which seems pretty much right on.

The tread is a really solid center section, very similar to a tire we'd sell to someone looking for a beefy city tire. Outside of that, though, is where the tire shows some CX-influence. The shoulder is a pretty gnarly diamond pattern.

From my first couple of rides, I can say these roll quite fast.  They of course aren't as fast as a Corsa CX, but they roll far faster than a Clement LAS.  I have yet to get any hard cornering in on them, but so far cornering on the road has been really confidence inspiring.

I can see a tire like this being excellent for anything from road to limestone to light trail riding.  With it's bigger brother, the MSO going on test as well (keep an eye out for another post) it seems Clement may have hit another homerun.  We'll know more soon.

Please feel free to ask questions on this one.  Clement is looking for feedback from us, and I'm happy to try this out in various conditions you think it may be useful in.

Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 Felt Breed Video

The following video was submitted by a customer who is really enjoying his brand new Felt Breed single speed CX bike.

Thanks for the share!

Anki / FTT from Oyvind Naess on Vimeo.