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Friday, April 6, 2012

Independent Fabrication Steel Club Racer w/ SRAM Rival

On a completely opposite end of the paint spectrum from our last IF, we have this super-stealth Steel Club Racer.  While similar in construction, both are steel with steel forks and made in Somerville, this one opted for no logos at all other than the IF Crown headtube decal.

Also particularly awesome about this bike is the added clearance the Club Racer brings to the table.  With enough room for 28's easily, and maybe even some smooth 32's from certain brands, this bike is ready for good roads and bad.

We should point out that even though this bike has seen a ton of miles, the first generation SRAM Rival is still kicking!  I don't care to even imagine how many shifts it's seen in it's lifetime, but the polish remains nearly perfect and the shifting action is flawless.  What I wouldn't give for some silver Rival stuff right about now....

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